Research Areas


Project Green Earth (GE) primarily focuses on policy making and promotion of clean energy technologies within Scandinavia. Besides that, it highlights innovative solutions to mitigate climate change and to consider numerous issues within the umbrella of Sustainable Development.

Briefly speaking, the project focuses on 15 broad areas: Solar Energy, Wind Power, Hydropower, Alternatives To Nuclear Power, Biomass, Geothermal Energy, Sustainable Forest Management, Responsible Business Organizations, Innovative Solutions, Global goals for Sustainable Development, Government Policies on Environment, Responsible Environment Friendly NGO’s, Green Tourism in Scandinavia, Sustainable Finance, Scandinavian investment in other countries and Countries beyond Scandinavia. 

Visitors will find comprehensive reports with recent figures and detailed analysis of social, economic and environmental aspects of renewable energy technologies in particular and issues under Sustainable Development in general. The aim of Project Green Earth (GE) is to promote the use of clean energy technologies to reduce reliance on fossil fuels, nuclear power and to fight climate change, so that we and our coming generations would live in harmony with nature.

There is no Planet B!


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